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Within Our Lifetime has captured key trends and recommendations from major racial crisis trigger moments over the past three years. Click here to access the report and learn more about our Rapid Response Community of Practice.

Within Our Lifetime (WOL) Network joins thousands who are standing with Standing Rock against the use of militarized police to protect corporate interests whose sole purpose is profit. The violent and inhumane treatment of peaceful protestors warrants immediate intervention from President Obama and the Department of Justice. On September 22 United Nations Expert, the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, released a statement calling upon the United States to immediately halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, in recognition of dire and direct threats to the drinking water, burial grounds and sacred sites of the Standing Rock Sioux people.
Within Our Lifetime
Read the full statement here: WOL Stands with Standing Rock
Link to sharable PDF (183KB): WOL Stands with Standing Rock
Link to sharable JPEG (748KB): WOL Stands with Standing Rock

Within Our Lifetime supports the families of Alfred Olango, Keith Scott, Terence Crutcher, Terrence Sterling, and Tyre King (among many others) and all the people grieving, organizing and protesting for justice in El Cajon, Charlotte, Tulsa, Washington, D.C Columbus, (and beyond) in the wake of the rampant police killings of Black people across America…
Within Our Lifetime

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Within our Lifetime is a national network advancing a new sense of what is possible within the five areas of racial healing and equity described below.
In doing so, we are committing to be part of the national conversation – the journey -- to define and give birth to this ground-breaking effort.
Thus, we may not have all the answers to the HOW, but we are so inspired by the vision below that we are willing to help shape it.
  • CREATE A SENSE OF MOVEMENT. Advance a proactive and cross-sector movement that eliminates or significantly transforms race and racism in our lifetime. And, in the process (and just as important), inspires people to believe – and act on the belief – that this can be achieved.
  • BUILD THE FIELD. Define and support the relatively new -- and still emerging -- field of healing and personal transformation as well as continue to build the capacity of organizations focused on racial equity.
  • CONNECT THE DOTS. Promote and support approaches that leverage strategies for healing with efforts to transform inequitable systems and structures.
  • SHARE AND DEEPEN KNOWLEDGE. Serve as a hub for knowledge, resources and tools related to healing and the nexus between healing and equity.
  • BRING THE HEAT AND THE POWER. Through our collective infrastructure -- and an approach that blends strategies for healing and equity (possibly through Healing and Equity Action Teams) -- provide rapid response support to communities, organizations and institutions grappling with incidents of racism. And through a parallel approach that is proactive, identify and engage “acupuncture points” within inequitable systems and structures to which, if collective power was applied, can potentially bring about deep and long lasting (if not permanent) change in ways not yet experienced.

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The leadership council encompasses three main working groups:
  • Communications Working Group
  • Resource Development Working Group
  • Community of Practice for WOL Network Organizing and Strategy
The working groups serve as the vehicle for the network members to fulfill WOL's vision. If you are interested in joining a working group please click here (short survey).