We are recruiting an Organizer

We are recruiting an Organizer - Please share
Job Title: Organizer Reports to: WOL Interim Leadership Team Status: Independent contractor/consultant Prepared Date: August 1, 2014
Position Summary: The Within Our Lifetime (WOL) Network brings together organizations and individuals from across the country who have made the bold and audacious commitment to uproot the embedded racial hierarchy in our society and to work toward ending racism within our lifetime. You can learn more about our vision by viewing our vision statement at http://www.withinourlifetime.net/vision/index.html. You can join our movement by signing the vision statement at http://www.withinourlifetime.net/endorse/index.html. In October, 2014, the WOL Network will launch a campaign to raise public awareness about the impact of implicit bias and to encourage action to combat this impact.
WOL's interim leadership team (see list of members below) seeks an organizer to help guide and staff the emerging national campaign as well as key day-to-day functions of the overall network. This is a part-time, short-term contract position (through January 31, 2015) with the possibility of an extension, depending on both work performance and funding for the project. Compensation is negotiable and will be commensurate with experience.
WOL Interim Leadership Team Members: Lloyd Y. Asato, Asian Pacific Community in Action Roberta Avila, Steps Coalition Lila Cabbill, Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development Susan Glisson, The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation Dushaw Hockett, Safe Places for the Advancement of Community and Equity Jeanné Isler, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates Robin Toma, LA County Commission on Human Relations Mike Wenger, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Al White, Action Communication and Education Reform, Inc. (Affiliations for identification purposes only.)
Campaign Management. Support leaders and organizations in at least eight jurisdictions in their efforts to launch and sustain education and awareness activities with respect to implicit bias. This includes developing an assortment of reader-friendly material that can assist with public education efforts. It also entails guiding, supporting and inspiring participating organizations to help ensure that they meet the qualitative and quantitative goals set for the campaign.
List Management. Manage WOL's contact management system. This includes doing regular input and editing of contact information for people and organizations with whom WOL desires to be in a long-term relationship. It also entails ensuring that information is accurate and current.
Maintain Communications and Connections. Working closely with WOL's leadership team, construct and disseminate to network supporters regular (monthly, at the very least) updates on the work of both the implicit bias campaign and the network. And use a variety of tools to do this - online newsletter via constant contact, emails, etc. In addition, help staff WOL's emerging social media presence via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Staff Working Groups/Committees. Provide facilitation and administrative support to several standing and ad hoc working groups composed of WOL leadership team members and key partners. Staffing working groups/committees entails setting up conference calls, maximizing participation, providing facilitation support, when necessary, and recording and disseminating meeting notes.
Resource Development. Working closely with the leadership team, help identify potential resources (financial and other) to support the overarching work of the network and ensure its long-term viability and sustainability.
EXPERIENCE: Basic understanding of community organizing and/or campaigns including but not limited to one-on-one relational meetings, power dynamics, group management/facilitation and outreach and recruitment.
Basic understanding of the dynamics of race and racism in the U.S. and how both play out with respect to individuals and institutions (systems and structures). Experience working within a not-for-profit social justice organization.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Passionate about issues of race. Nimble and flexible. Relational -- works well with others. Thorough and well-organized. Good written and verbal skills. Good research skills. Skilled at use of social media.
WORK SPACE/ENVIRONMENT The organizer will work out of a "home office" or the office of a WOL leadership team organization. Because the work is national in scope, candidates for this position can work from their home state.
WOL seeks to fill this position immediately. Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume and cover letter to Dushaw Hockett at Dushaw@thespacesproject.org AND Mike Wenger at wengerjm@verizon.net.