What does it mean to be a WOL Member?

To be a WOL member, please complete this Online Membership Form. Please note only those items * are required to complete.
Membership Criteria
  • Members explicitly agree with and adhere to the values of WOL, (See Governance Document), ideally having a deep level of experience and resonance with these values.
  • Members explicitly and actively work on anti-racism efforts, racial justice and/or racial healing. Members may have different analyses of racism, but they have a common vision of dismantling its systemic roots.
  • Members are clearly rooted in, and are an authorized representative of, a community, organization, group, agency or system
  • In the future WOL will consider membership of unaffiliated people. For now, WOL is focused on building the network with organizations that have some type of clear base.
  • For local, regional, and national networks, WOL seeks to be in relationship with them to develop respect for each other’s contributions and awareness of our individual and organizational roles in building a movement. It is WOL’s intention to develop radical collaboration and alliances with other networks to leverage, deepen, and innovate collective action to end racism in our lifetime

Members Responsibilities:
  • Members strive to embody the Network’s values in their actions and relationships.
  • Members are expected to read and respond to communication from the Network.
  • Members (Organizations) will be asked to make a minimum commitment of 5 hours a month, with the intent to be actively involved in the Network, through its workgroups and campaign work.
  • Members are expected to provide feedback and participate in the accountability process with regard to the Network’s internal process and campaign impact.
  • Members are encouraged to share their wisdom and opinions regarding campaign and governance decisions on a regular basis, including actively involved in periodically selecting members for the Leadership Council.

Learn more about Our Values and how we go about Implementing our Vision and Values
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