My Gift to Within Our Lifetime National Network

The Within Our Lifetime (WOL) national network is named for its audacious vision, to end racism within our lifetime. From its beginnings in 2012 when an inspired group of people came together, WOL has been clear that the work of healing from insidious multi-generational impact of structural racism, would be complex and emergent. WOL’s critical role in the racial justice movement for racial healing and equity organizations of having a supportive and invigorating place to connect for learning and solidarity.

Our vision is to advance a proactive and cross-sector movement that transforms racism in our lifetime; support an emerging field of healing, promote and leverage strategies across organizations; serve as hub for knowledge, resources and tools; build our collective infrastructure through community responsiveness and identify interventions within inequitable systems to use our collective power. The WOL network provides community defensive support and also develops communities of practice that focus on intersectional issues to unleash collective power working toward deep and long-lasting change.

If you would like to donate to Within Our Lifetime, please follow this link and select Within our Lifetime as shown below. The link will take you to the Just Communities' Network for Good webpage. Just Communities is the fiscal sponsor for WOL and donations made on that page will be designated to WOL. Please be sure to select "Within Our Lifetime" from the dropdown menu.
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*Within Our Lifetime’s fiscal sponsor is Just Communities