Within Our Lifetime Governance Structure

September 2014
In 2012 a small and inspired group of people came together to envision what it would take to end racism Within Our Lifetime. The group quickly worked to engage others in creating this vision, and nurtured the creation of a national network of racial healing and equity practitioners committed to this vision.

A volunteer interim leadership working group of 10 people (names at end of the document) has led activities and engaged colleagues through meetings, survey and regional calls to find out from practitioners their hopes for the network. The interim leadership working group developed the values and implementation process of WOL values and vision based on these interactions and information collected (located in the appendix.) A governance working group (names at end of document) was formed in January 2014 with the charge to propose a process and structure for the network to engage members and develop leadership going forward. Members of the group represent a range of approaches, geographic locations and identities.

The group met 9 times over 8 months, and this document is the fruit of the group’s conversations. The proposed governance structure includes: membership criteria, leadership selection process, and leadership decision-making and accountability. This document represents a co-conceived set of ideas that aim to reflect and demonstrate the values and the vision the network seeks to create Within Our Lifetime - a world without racism.

It is the intent of the document to provide a structure to the WOL governance, yet it is to be a living and learning document which will evolve as the organization grows and as the membership becomes aware of the initial and long-term impact of this structure. It is the hope and expectation of the interim leadership group and governance working group that with ongoing reflection, accountability to our members as well as remaining grounded in WOL values, that leaders will respond effectively to these lessons and modify this document as needed.