Our Values

Be Intentional and Vigorous in Ensuring Diversity: This includes racial and ethnic identities, geographic location, focus of organization’s work (i.e. racial healing, racial equity), organization sizes and types, diversity and intersectionalities of individual identities (specifically gender, sexual orientation, class), and young leaders. We will be especially vigilant in ensuring the intentional diversity of the network’s leadership. Furthermore, we believe that the formal governing structure, as ultimately defined, should be composed of a majority of people who are members of historically oppressed populations.

Ensure Inclusive and Equitable Practices:
Our goal is to develop policies and practices that reflect what we hope to create in the larger world, which may mean, at times, slowing down to share our philosophy with members, collaborators, and funders, and standing up for our values and principles rather than complying with inequitable or exclusionary practices. The Network practices and processes shall strive to be reflective of diverse cultures and ensuring dominant culture is not replicated in negative ways.

Build Trust and Respect for our Collective work to Dismantle Structural Racism: We will work to create a common language which is reflective of the spectrum of approaches. This will assist us to lean in with curiosity to learn our philosophical and strategic differences to dismantle racism by avoiding proselytizing, holding conflict respectfully, contextualizing different points of view, and seeking alignment.

Be Transparent and Accountable: Leadership will ensure there is transparency with our practices, and an accountability process implemented. The Leadership Team will be accountable to its members. The WOL Network will be accountable to communities of color and indigenous peoples. In addition to a value, accountability is behavioral, and the Leadership Team will develop clear and transparent mechanisms for accountability. When tension exists with our values of inclusion and action, the Leadership Team will seek to recognize our commitment to both, and will transparently deliberate how best to balance those values.

Be Tenacious and Responsive: The Network will be aware of what is happening on the ground, to recognize mistakes, to be nimble to shift gears, and remain attentive to the intersectionality of issues and identities. We will grow the pie of resources for the Network’s members and our collective work and work tenaciously for equitable distribution of resources.