Implementing our Vision and Values

Our vision to dismantle racism in our lifetime will be bolstered when we innovate and experiment, work interdependently, and share a creative and tenacious message for racial healing and equity, grounded in a belief that everyone’s human rights must be recognized.

Respectful Space – The Network space we co-create will work toward:
  • healing from historic and/or present-day trauma of racism, xenophobia and related forms of oppression,
  • honoring and respecting differences in all of our individual identities and treating everyone with
  • respect that affirms their intrinsic dignity,
  • respecting different analyses of racism with the common vision of dismantling its systemic roots,
  • being open to mutually respectful conflict and debate to deepen our analysis and understanding of each other,
  • infusing culture and expressions of spirit,
  • building trust and deepening our relationships with each other, including seeking to learn about
  • each other’s work and the role it plays in ending racism in our lifetime.

We will together lean in with joy, with love, with our sense of humor, with our vulnerability and courage and with a belief in our collective power.

Community of Practice and Action – Development of our knowledge and skills will be integrated and sustained if we are:
  • sharing our work with humility and generosity,
  • demonstrating mutual respect through feedback and reflective engagement,
  • genuinely believing that our individual contributions and work are fueled by our connection to the greater network and other collaborators,
  • seeking to learn the impact of action campaigns with participatory multicultural evaluation methods.

Though consistent and intentional learning is core, it will only be made meaningful by the actions we take individually and collectively and by the outcomes we achieve. It will be critical for the Network to be courageous and take risks while being mindful and supportive of differential consequences of those risks.

Radical Collaboration and Alliances – Radical collaboration and alliances are a recognition of and respect for each other’s contributions and awareness of our individual and organizational roles in building a movement. We also understand the interdependence of individual, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional strategies in the context of our collective vision for sustained structural and transformational change. Our process will include:
  • being adaptive to political forces and resistance,
  • working on both/and approaches rather than either/or,
  • balancing autonomy and alignment of members’ work in the spirit of the network’s vision, and avoiding an expectation of needless conformity,
  • implementing our strategies with a power analysis, reflecting indigenous and multiracial processes and understanding of the intersections of oppression and privilege,
  • being thoughtful and proactive in understanding the complexity of race and ethnicity and how racism and other oppressions manifest historically and presently,
  • forming temporary alliances when necessary with organizations that are not network members without sacrificing our principles and values.