Within our Lifetime Selects New Leadership Council

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(Top L to R): Chris Messenger, Boston Mobilization, Traci Ishigo, JACL Pacific Southwest District, Valeriano Ramos, Jr, Everyday Democracy, Mac Epps, M.S MOVE, Inc., Jarrod Schwartz, Just Communities
Bottom (L to R): Lecia Brooks, Southern Poverty Law Center, Kevin Fong, Elemental Partners, Tony Watkins, Families United for Education, Dr. Ruby Cain, It is Well With My Soul, Trish Tchume, Young Nonprofit Professionals, Michael Rabbit , Archdiocese of Chicago, Dr. Cheryl Grills, Loyola Marymount University, Tony Neal, Education Equity Consultants, Carolynn Abdullah, Everyday Democracy, Julianna Bradley, Leadership for Educational Equity
Not Pictured: Simran Noor, Center for Social Inclusion

Join a Working Group

We are just in the beginning of 2016 and great things are already happening in our network. We have just on-boarded our new leadership council which were selected at our Leadership Gathering in Dallas this past December. The leadership council encompasses four main working groups:

  • Governance Working Group
  • Communications Working Group
  • Resource Development Working Group
  • Community of Practice for WOL Network Organizing and Strategy

The working groups serve as the vehicle for the network members to fulfill WOL's vision. Congratulations! If you are interested in joining a working group please click here (short survey).

Racial Justice Funding Survey

When we talked with folks about Within Our Lifetimes Network, one of the things we consistently heard about was the challenge of funding. We are inviting racial equity and healing organizations to share information and stories about funding and working with foundations so we can act together to address our challenges and opportunities.
Please join the conversation and complete the Racial Justice Funding Survey
We appreciate your time and candor in completing the survey. Your answers will be confidential and the data will only be shared in an aggregated format. This is the link to the full survey so you can gather information in advance of completing the survey online. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Ideally we would like for you to complete the entire survey, though if questions are not pertinent or you have limited time, please at least share as much information as possible.
It is critical for all of us to have this baseline data, our various perspectives regarding our funding, as well as our stories so we can work collectively to address our challenges with funding.
WOL commits to providing a full report of the survey findings to our network, share recommendations on next steps, and offer strategic questions for us to discuss.
Thank you for completing the survey!

Campaign to Combat Implicit Bias

A nationwide coalition of more than 15 organizations, including Everyday Democracy and the Southern Poverty Law Center, has launched the “Campaign to Combat Implicit Bias”, a campaign to raise public awareness about implicit bias and to encourage action to combat its impact. The Within Our Lifetime Network, the campaign sponsor, is a network of racial healing practitioners and racial equity advocates who are committed to ending racism. We heal communities, dismantle beliefs and advocate for just policies. The campaign is encouraging everyone to take an implicit association test to see if they have unconscious biases and then participate in activities that help unearth solutions. The campaign while national is focusing on eight local communities where residents can participate in localized activities. These areas include the Greater New England and Boston area, Washington, D.C., Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, New Orleans and Mississippi, Bloomington, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Los Angeles County.
The recent killing of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson, MO at the forefront of our minds and the tragedy of Trayvon Martin a not so distant memory, race and racism are once again in the headlines across the country. While many people often answer the question ‘is everyone a little bit racist?’ with a quick “NO”, recent research suggests the problem is not so much overt racists rather unconscious attitudes that result in discriminatory policies and behavior.
Dushaw Hockett Executive Director of SPACES a founding member of the campaign

Take Action

  • Take the test. Be open. Suspend judgement. Click here http://bit.ly/1nsczDd (“Please note that you cannot take the IAT on a smartphone. You must have a laptop or computer with working keyboard to take the IAT.”)
  • Be sure to share with us the basic information requested at the end of the test so that we have a general idea of who participated in the campaign. The test is anonymous. We will NOT know your name, personal contact information or test results.
  • Talk about the test (and implicit bias). Contact the campaign at www.withinourlifetime.net to organize a local dialogue or to find out if one is scheduled to take place near you.
  • Lastly, endorse our vision statement at http://www.withinourlifetime.net/endorse/index.html
We encourage everyone to first take the test at PROJECT IMPLICIT BIAS SOCIAL ATTITUDES (Race IAT - http://bit.ly.1nsczDd) and then participate in local dialogues sessions to discuss:
  • How people unconsciously and sometimes unwillingly exhibit bias toward other individuals and groups.
  • How implicit bias reveals itself in different ways, such as by the words we use to express our feelings and behavior toward people of color.
  • Unconscious mechanisms that are deeply embedded in various aspects of our lives, including health care, education, and our criminal justice system.
  • And, how we can come together to dismantle racism.
Please note that you cannot take the IAT on a smartphone. You must have a laptop or computer with working keyboard to take the IAT.”

Beyond Bias: Ending Racism Through an Explicit Strategy Focused on Implicit Bias

Guest Presenter: Rachel D. Godsil, Director of Research, The Perception Institute
Facilitator: Dushaw Hockett, Executive Director,
Safe Places for the Advancement of Community & Equity

This special webinar - the second in the Beyond Bias series - will help deepen understanding of the emerging science of implicit bias (also known as unconscious bias). It will also introduce the dynamics of racial anxiety and stereotype threat. The Within Our Lifetime (WOL) network's intent is to use the Beyond Bias series to lay the foundation for the October launch of a nationwide campaign focused on implicit bias.

Guest Presenter: Cheryl Staats, Research Associate, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.
Facilitator: Dushaw Hockett, Executive Director,
Safe Places for the Advancement of Community & Equity

Webinar focuses on:
  • The core components that make up the science of implicit bias.
  • Strategies used by organizations and institutions to understand and address implicit bias.
  • A grassroots, national campaign that will launch this year with the goal of increasing awareness and collective action around the issue of implicit bias.